Fundraising’s 12 Commandments – Ideas for Sporting Clubs and Charities


To be successful, attendees need to feel like they’ve received real value for money at your event. Fundraising nights like this can be a very profitable annual or even bi-annual event for your group. To have continued success, you must ensure that every show is an advertisement for the next. This won’t happen if you …

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Australians don’t spot diabetes signs


It’s the country’s fastest-growing disease, but most Australians don’t recognise all the symptoms of diabetes, a new survey shows. On the eve of National Diabetes Week, a Galaxy poll commissioned by the Medibank 24/7 Health Advice Line has found 97 per cent of Australians do not know all the major symptoms or how many types …

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Childhood allergies. Part 1. Baby food, diet and fish oil.


Childhood allergies are on the rise and it seems no one knows why. On 16th May The Age newspaper reported that allergies were rising at a rate of 20% per year in Australia. Hitherto innocuous foods in a normal healthy diet, like apples and celery, are now causing allergic reactions in some babies and children. …

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It’s not easy being green: Why environmental campaigns are dying


  It’s not easy being green when world leaders are grappling with the issues surrounding climate change.  While we use green bags at the supermarket, recycle our rubbish, maybe do a little vintage shopping and even try to grow some vegies in the backyard or on the balcony – is that really enough? Is green …

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What is a carbon footprint?


A carbon footprint is an estimate of the climate impact of an activity – such as making a product, living a lifestyle or running a company. Typically, a carbon footprint is calculated by estimating not just the CO2 emissions that the activity in question causes, but also any emissions of other greenhouse gases (such as …

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Natural therapy


Native plants bring colour and wildlife to banish winter woes. Winter’s big chill doesn’t mean the garden has to be drab and lifeless. Some of our fabulous natives work their magic at this time of year. They also work their magic on nectar-eating birds that flock to their flowers, so you’ll be bringing life into …

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What are carbon credits?


Before explaining what a carbon credit is, we should first explain what carbon offsetting is. Put simply, carbon offsetting is a way for people and businesses to invest in projects that prevent or reduce greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere. A carbon credit is a formal recognition that one tonne of carbon …

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Small acts add up to big change


This week, thousands of cities across the globe will dim their lights at 8.30pm for an hour, joining in the world’s largest voluntary environmental action: Earth Hour. Scheduled for the last Saturday of every March – closely coinciding with the equinox to ensure that most cities are in darkness as it rolls out around the …

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Cooking oil flight ready for take-off


Next time you’re cooking up a storm in your kitchen spare a thought for the passengers on board an A330 Qantas flight from Sydney to Adelaide on Friday, 13 April. This auspicious flight will be powered by recycled cooking oil from commercial kitchens that is mixed with jet fuel that emits 60% less carbon dioxide. …

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Bellamy’s clarifies misleading information on sugar story

Bellamy’s Organic Pty Ltd, an Australian organic food producer based in Tasmania, has issued the following response to the inaccurate and misleading claims made on the Channel Seven program, Sunday Night,on 11 March, 2012: In the program David Gillespie wrongly criticised Bellamy’s Organic Apple Snacks as containing too much sugar. Guest reporter Peter FitzSimons also …

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